2023 Roots Guitar First Look

2023 Roots Guitar First Look

The 2023 Roots raffle guitar is just waiting for some artwork on the front and back of the headstock. It can be seen in person tonight (Saturday, February 25th,2023) @ our “Day at the Races fundraiser being held at Here & Now Brewing https://www.hereandnowbrewing.com/ in Honesdale. Tickets available as of tonight!!!

This years guitar is really special and here are the details:

Built by Tony Maddi & John Rocklin using the following components:

Pine body by Musikraft USA, Hand painted in Charcoal Frost Nitrocellulose Laquer by Brian Fuentes, Custom Artwork by Samuelle Green.

Hand wired electronics by Anthony @ AMPTURCO Guitar Werks

Seymour Duncan Broadcaster pickups

Customized, hand painted Nitrocellulose Allparts “Fat” neck with custom fretwork and hand made nut by Aurora Custom Shop

Gotoh BS-TC1S Bridge & Compensated Saddles

Other Parts sourced from: True Custom Shop, Gotoh, & Fender USA

In the Roots tradition that started with our beloved Peter Florance………. This years guitar is a totally functional (killer) instrument as well as collectible art. We are extremely proud to have had the artwork done by Samuelle Green this year, here is her bio:


A native to Honesdale, PA, Samuelle Green’s early years were surrounded not only by nature, but also by a family of artisans and craftspeople that had a lasting impact on her current practices. She studied at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and Parsons School of Design in New York earning a BFA. Green continued to live in Brooklyn and work there for nearly 20 years as an artist, prop stylist, designer and undertaking special art fabrication projects for multiple clients including the Guggenheim Museum, Allsaints, Chloe, PS1, and Insite Design and Architecture to name a few. 

Once establishing her artistic practice in NYC she relocated her studio to her hometown. This is where she

continues to develop her paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations. She is continuing to show her work both nationally and internationally. Her large scale, immersive installations have been shown in museums in China; Shanghai and Beijing, in Venice, Italy, in Tamiku, Estonia as well as locations across the US including Honesdale, PA.

Samuelle Green’s body of multidisciplinary work all has a common thread. Her paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations reference the interaction between human-made and non-human visual languages. At times the encounters are contentious and at other times symbiotic. Many of her works are stills that simultaneously reflect the processes of decay and those of luscious growth. Through mark making or the use of repurposing discarded materials, Samuelle seeks to highlight the forms and details of nature that are frequently overlooked and under-appreciated. She starts with rigid structures or self-imposed parameters representing metaphorical frameworks of natural laws. She then creates elements that repeat and propagate until they give way to organic forms free of both their literal and non-material scaffolds.

The custom painted guitar for Honesdale’s Roots and Rhythm is an extension of the “order and chaos” series of drawings that explores the power of arrangement. The reconizable and the abstract both consist of the exact same number of marks or brushstrokes to create very different outcomes. 

Stay tuned for more info & photos !!!

2 Replies to “2023 Roots Guitar First Look”

  1. So when is the actual Roots & Rythm this year? I’m hoping there is more roots music than Rythm and Blues. We need to connect more with music with our Ancestors’ influences.

    1. Good point Kitty and well taken!! Roots & Rhythm this year is June 17th. It is always the 3rd Saturday in June. I would like to work on your suggestion for at least Main Street this year as our Main Stage is all set. I will put some thought on your suggestion as it concerns next years Main Stage as well. Get in touch with me if you have any suggestions as far as acts/bands to consider. Thanks, JR

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