We are Back and Going Strong in ’22

Bo Diddley by Dane Tilghman

If you are reading this you probably have realized that we are back in ’22 !! Honesdale Roots & Rhythm will take place this year on June 18th all around town and in Central Park. Check out the rest of our, (brand new), website for all the details. We have an exciting line up that includes Main Stage acts Nikki Hill Band, Billy Price, A really exciting 30 year reunion of a killer Hudson Valley, NY band, Rockinitis and The Swing Vipers. We have tons of other great stuff, some new and some of your old favorites that we all just have come to love. Take a minute to go through the website and get the whole skinny ! We should also mention that we have a FUN-raiser event @ Here & Now Brewing that is not to be missed. A Night at the Races !! will be tons of fun and takes place on March 18th.

Remember, “Prepare to be Severely Entertained” is our motto and we are so glad to be back full steam ahead !!

Join us at the Races !!

Down the stretch we come, folks. Roots & Rhythm is excited to announce a fundraising event on Friday, March 18th, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. (add to my calendar)
The free, annual music & arts festival in Honesdale relies on donations, grants and sponsors in order to deliver a memorable experience each year.
Place Your Bets! will be held at Here & Now Brewing Company. 10 race sponsorships are still available for businesses or individuals who want to join in the heart-pumping action, which also includes naming and owning a horse. Each race sponsorship is $100.
During the event multiple random pre-recorded horse races will be shown on the big screen. Your sponsorship will be announced at the beginning of each race and in print in the event program. Thanks to the folks at The Himalayan Institute for providing the big screen for the races!
The money raised will allow Roots & Rhythm to continue as an organization and festival.
We will be holding 2- Cash 50/50’s during the event !!
Details regarding how the race night event works are below. If you do not wish to be a sponsor, please consider “purchasing” a horse, ($10), and coming out for the evening to bet on the races.
Thank you for considering being a part of a special night as well as your continued support of music and arts in Honesdale!

Many thanks to Amanda Rowe for designing our racing program & to Torey Decker for our ’22 poster !!

How does Place Your Bets! work?

  • Race sponsors include ownership of one horse. There only 10 sponsorships for races available and will go fast!! Sponsors will get their name announced at the beginning of each race and the ability to name their horse.
  • However, each horse race has 10 horses. Owning a race horse costs $10. The owner of each horse gets to name their horse.
  • The winning owner of each race will receive $40.
  • Before each race the betting windows open. Anyone can bet $2 on any horse in each race to win. You can bet on multiple horses in any race.
  • When the betting window closes, odds will be calculated and announced for each horse. When the race ends, anyone who bet on the winning horse will receive the calculated payout specific to the race.
  • Then, the owner of the winning horse and anyone who bet on the winning horse will receive their winnings. Then the process will continue. There will be 8-10 races in the evening.
  • In the event that race sponsors and horse owners are not present at the races, any winnings will be mailed to them.

For more information contact us at info@honesdalerootsandrhythm.com or talk to Jamie at Natures Grace Health Foods , 570.253.3469