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Our 2024 Featured Artist

Connor Simon is a part-time artist, part-time activist living in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. He has been an avid analogue photographer and filmmaker since 2008, dabbling in Absurdism, Dada, and Surrealism through the use of antique and alternative photo processes.

“Somewhere out there, there’s an old videotape of me begging my dad to let me use the home movie camera. I think if he had, I might not have wound up where I am now. Parents, let your kids play with your camera sometimes – otherwise they’ll wind up like me; staying up late in makeshift darkrooms, ordering weird chemicals on the internet, and inviting all kinds of strange people in for concept portraits.”

Connor is a regular collaborator with the Wayne County Arts Alliance and holds his Master’s Degree in English with a focus in Film and Media Preservation.

Connor’s body of work includes portraiture, street photography, color science experimentation, nonlinear film-making, poetry, and foraging.