June 17th 2023 @ Here & Now Brewing 10 PM after the Main Stage closes.

It has become a wonderful and meaningful Roots & Rhythm tradition to take one of our main stage acts and put them in a local bar after the main stage is done. The Roots & Rhythm Late Night Ramble is a great experience and spotlights one of our Headliners in an up close and more personal setting. Seeing an international caliber touring act like this is not something you will soon forget. This is where the magic happens!! This years Late Night Ramble will be brought to you by The 40 Acre Mule and Here & Now Brewing. After what is going to be a killer Main Stage set @ 3:35pm in the park, The 40 Acre Mule from Dallas, Texas is going to rev it up big time @ Here & Now Brewing on Main Street @ about 10 pm. You never know who will show up to sit in at these Rambles!!! Prepare to be severely entertained!!!!