2018 lineup




Since their formation in 1994, Toronto's Sadies have developed, even perfected, a style of music that is uniquely their own. Possessing a deep fondness and reverence for the best of country, bluegrass and blues (CBGB!), they are equally informed and influenced by everything from 60s garage and psychedelic rock (Pebbles, Nuggets, et al) to surf instrumentals and punk rock. You're as likely to find an enthusiastic fan of Negative Approach or Crime as one of Santo & Johnny or Merle Travis within their ranks. It's all relevant and it all fits and that sort of depth goes a long way in helping to understand how they came to develop such a broad platform from which to launch their own musical explorations.

These fellows thrive by a simple rule, if you make a mistake in the studio, you do it over - but you don't make mistakes onstage. The live show has to do everything the records do (just a little faster and a little drunker). They're ready to hit your town in support of the release of the remarkable new album "Internal Sounds" this fall. If you've never seen them live, the time to change that is now - if you've seen them before, it's time to take another look.




Brewed with the best ingredients from the high plains of Texas, the hills of Pennsylvania, and the red dirt of Oklahoma, Sour Bridges is the finest band of hand clapping, foot stomping Browngrass that Austin has to offer. What is Browngrass? It’s like bluegrass, just a little dirtier. With aroma notes ranging from the Byrds to the Beatles, Sour Bridges is an unparalleled mash of flavor explosion. Made up of band members Bill and Matt Pucci (Honesdale natives), guitar and vocals; Kathryn "Mama Kat" Wilkes, violin, and Garrett Ross, drums. Pull up a chair and pour you a glass. Sour Bridges always goes down smooth!




The Whiskey Killers bring high energy American roots music to audiences throughout the USA. The band formed in Brooklyn and has been making it's mark in New York City with revelrous live performances of Country, Blues, Tejano, and Rock music. With one half of the band hailing from Pennsylvania and the other half from New Mexico and Virginia, they bring the Northeast and Southwest together to make a sound that can only be described as ‘American Roots'. Comprised of band members Patrick Sampson (Honesdale native), vocals, violin, guitar; Austin Arrington, vocal, bass; Luther Wong, trumpet; and Justin Carter, drums.




Bobby Kyle has developed a career as a well-respected songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and producer, over a career that spans 40 years. He is a 2015 inductee to ‘The Pennsylvania Blues Hall of Fame’, with an impressive resume that includes apprenticing with Lonnie Mack in the late 1970’s; working as a full time band member for Bill Dicey from 1979-1981; going on the road with Eddie Kirkland between 1983 and 1989; and touring and recording with Grammy winner and 2017 inductee to ‘The Blues Hall of Fame’, Johnny “Clyde” Copeland, from 1989 to 1997. The influences of his mentors and heroes, channeled through Bobby’s distinctive voice, can be heard on his critically acclaimed album, “It’s My Life”, just released in 2017. For the past twenty years, he has led a dynamic East Coast Based Band, Bobby Kyle & The Administers, which includes mainstays Everett Boyd on bass, Marc Copell on drums. Bobby Kyle & The Administers will be joined by Indofunk Satish on trumpet and Atsushi Ouchi on saxophone.


JUNE 16, 2018

10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


ReMax-Wayne/Meagher Insurance (416 Main Street)

Dead Man's Hand

R3 Hardware Store (541 Main Street)

The Good Fellows

Fred R. Miller Memorial Pavilion (640 Main Street)

Rare Form and Friends

The Harvey Agency, LLC (815 Main Street)

Right Side Up

Scarfalloto's Towne House Diner (920 Main Street)

JP Williams Blues Band

The Velvet Maple (968 Main Street)

Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio

The Antique Emporium Plus (1040 Main Street)

Teddy Young and the Aces

Fiesta On Main (1139 Main Street)

Black Sage Project